Hello, and thank you for visiting Terra Linea.

I am Eleanor, an Intuitive Numerologist, Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand Card Reader, Energy Worker, Evidential Medium and Psychic.


Intuitive Reader

What is Terra Linea?

Terra Linea means Earth Line in Latin.

I chose this name because it reminds me of a comic strip in the Sunday paper a long time ago called Family Circus. The artist would use dotted lines to show where Billy, one of the sons, would go throughout his day. Many artists do that to depict the path of bees. Similarly, it is like the path or the "dotted lines" that we follow on our Earth journey.

I've always been interested in the how and why people come to be where they are in life and if where they are is where they should be. Was there another potential destiny for each of us, and why aren't we there? Is that place better? Would we be happier, more successful, or not as happy?

No matter where we want to go, we need to start from where we are and with what we have. I hope my work with others helps them understand the whys and how to get to a better place. What that better place is and how you get there is the work only you can do.

I hope our paths cross on this journey of life.